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The Zeev are a tribal Chondri-mammalian species who make their villages out of floating huts over the near-land crossings of the transverse coral reefs of the Southeastern Coral Expanse. The large amount of coral in the area have two major advantages, in that it encourages large amounts of fish and other creatures to come around (therein not necessitating competition with other tribes and other races), and it keeps traffic from large sea-faring vessels away.

Their society is mainly based on skills. They have ways of testing what potential a member of the tribe has, or can be groomed for it if need be, and they are given the designated role for their lifetime at the age of 13 summers, marked on their skin using tattooing techniques which are still kept a deep secret. As of yet, there are no roles limited by gender.

In order to ensure no over-population occurs, the number of pups between couples is kept limited by law, and based on the roles of the parents. A pair of gatherers may only be allowed one pup, which is the typical number for laying, But a couple where one or both are hunters maybe be allowed a second, in the hopes of adding more to serve the same role down the line. Mating is an on-the-fly affair. As long as the couple has shown enough interest between each other beforehand, it simply becomes a matter of going ahead and taking, the more agressive females are known to be the more frequent initiators. If there isn't interest from one party, they'll let the other know with a harsh bite, which will be visible for the rest of the season and put off other potential mates.

Zeev villages are comprised of floating raft huts typically lashed together loosely. Most travel between huts is done underwater, if the level is allowing, making a typical day a dance of fins above the water moving to and fro.

Pictured above: A Zeev huntress watches the water from the shoals near her village, keeping an eye out for movement. In her hand is a Q'ra, a tool plainly not made for hunting fish. She provides an essential service to her tribe, in more ways than one, bringing the food that will feed the pups that will be born in the coming months, whom she will likely be teaching once they've grown enough.

Though all Zeev spend their days naked, she wears seaweed lashings over her breasts which will ensure a smooth profile when swimming for maximum speed. The lashings are a standard for both male and female hunters. On her body are the extensive blue marks that indicate her role, as well as a couple scars that indicate that her job is sometimes a dangerous one, thus necessitating the Q'ra.

(Previously created for Shark Week)
RebelLucario Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my... This is beautiful... The background leaves a bit to be desired, but the subject is simply beautiful and your description is brilliant. Looking at your other work now, I think you're quite deserving of a watch.
Aimlesswaves Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Pretty awesome.

Keep up the good work!
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